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MercyWatch. Get yours at

Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Sea of Hope - TV program about Mercy Ships!

A Sea of Hope, the 1 hr made- for-TV version of TLN's Acts of Mercy will air New Year's eve on the i channel at 6pm (available by direct TV and cable in many locations) To check local listings, go to: Witness the miracles onboard Mercy Ships floating hospital. Shunned by society, treated as outcasts, many with physical malformations and health issues come with hope in their hearts for healing. Watch the miraculous recoveries as doctors perform medical makeovers that really matter. Host Bill Kurtis. Sunday - 6pmDec 31, 2006

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Africa Mercy - 26 December 2006

Dec 2006 141
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

Rob and I decided to take a trip to the other side of the river to get a picture of the ship from the Starboard Side! We rode the Metro over to near about where we thought we'd be able to get a good picture...well it is a very industrial area and you couldn't get down near it well. One of the businesses directly across from the ship was open (it was a holiday in the UK - Boxing Day) but they were not very busy with trucks unloading and the gate guard was kind and escorted us up to the fence directly across from the ship!

So we got a fairly good picture of the ship, although it was a quite cloud covered day. Just drizzling and not really raining! So that was good. Still quite cold here! It was about 1-2 degrees Celcius and very damp. Brrrrhhh! We had a great time talking to the guard and he was quite friendly!

Our Cabin Window

Dec 2006 148
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

Our cabin is on the Starboard side on Deck 4. So we thought we'd let you know where it is! Double click on the photo and then. If you move the cursor over the picture...a note should pop up and show you!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hurricane Rita Recovery Team Announcement

News Release:

Attention all teams and team members!
We have more great opportunities to serve the Lord with construction projects. A year ago September, Hurricane Rita blew threw southeast Texas causing major damage to many homes. There is still a great deal of work to be done and teams of 2-30 are needed to work on these projects. Mercy Ships has partnered with Rita Recovery, the on-site organization, managing the reconstruction efforts in the SE Texas area where there are still more than 800 uninsured/underinsured homes needing immediate attention. The work consists of the repairing of roofs and walls damaged by the storm. We would love to have you and/or your team, join us starting in January of 2007. Please contact Mercy Ships at or 903-939-7111.

To learn about Mercy Teams click here.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Life Boats are going on, TODAY!

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This one is going on the Starboard side and is going around the aft end of the Africa Mercy to be attached to the cables and raised up!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Testing of the Life Boat Davit Brakes

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Following Don’s (Stephens) communication yesterday we have received word of yet another answer to our prayers. This morning Ken Berry reported that the 150 man life boat davits have been tested and approved by Bureau Veritas. We are thankful to God that we can check off one more item from our list of prayer points.
In this test you will see these enormous bags of water weighing over 13.6 tons each... drop and then stop as they test the brakes on the cable to ensure that it will hold and stop the weight from falling! Tomorrow the Lifeboats will be raised up on the ship! Thank you for your prayers!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Durham Cathedral

We spent the day in Durham and enjoyed learning more about the Cathedral with Rebecca. Make sure your sound is on and you can hear the bell bong as you play the short video.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Official Announcement on the Caribbean Mercy

"I am pleased to announce that Mercy Ships completed the sale of the Caribbean Mercy on Oct 5, 2006 to a family charitable trust who plans to lease the vessel to CME at Sea Ltd. I appreciate the work done by Jim Paterson and the marine operations department in facilitating this process and am thankful to God for providing a buyer.

CME at Sea Ltd plans to prepare the vessel for service in Central America by adding to the medical facility on board. In addition to offering medical care, they also intend to provide training and continuing education opportunities for US based physicians.The company is currently in negotiations to keep the ship at its present location in Chickasaw to do their preparations.

I am reminded again of the thousands of people who were given hope and healing through this vessel and her dedicated crew."

Don Stephens
Mercy Ships Founder

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rob and Dale

August 2006 136
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

We enjoyed seeing Dale at the IOC! He is doing well and is serving in the warehouse!

Tyrone's back!

August 2006 134
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

Tyrone is looking good and he b cookin' in the Oasis Dining Room at the International Operations Center in Texas! Tyrone served with us on the Caribbean Mercy and he is a wonderful chef! He spoiled us rotten with his cooking! He is soon to be married to another former Caribbean Mercy crew member, Stephanie! It was so good to see him! Check out his website by clicking here. Tyrone


August 2006 132
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

It was good to see Dawna and learn that she is now managing the Guest House and the Anchorage Cafe at the International Operations Center!

Janine and Pat

August 2006 130
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

We enjoyed seeing many of the staff at the International Operations Center (IOC) and catching up with them. Janine and Pat serve in the Human Resources department. Janine is going to the Anastasis soon.

On Vacation

August 2006 135
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

Rob touching base with the internet at the Anchorage Cafe! High speed internet was available at the International Operations Center at the coffee shop we spent some time there catching up and checking email.

We'll be on vacation from 28 August until 05 October 2006. We plan to visit...Dallas.... Jacksonville....Baltimore and be back to the ship working on 06 October 2006. We'll try to update the web as we can!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rob and Denise before work

Rob and Denise before work
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

We are volunteers for Mercy Ships and we head to the office and the ship about 6:30 am on a normal day! Denise works in the Business Centre doing administrative work and Rob works on the Africa Mercy in the Engineering Department ensuring the parts needed are there and ready for the engineers when they need them!

On the way to work

On the way to work
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

This picture was taken by our friend and coworker, Tom Schoenit, as we walk up to the van to go to work about 6:30 am!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

An unexpected journey to Blyth!

Blyth Aug 06
Originally uploaded by zacawc.
As a normal morning in the office began, we received a call from Phil and Terry that they were in Blyth (where we will be moving the ship for loading) and needed the keys to the forklift! So Pat and I located the keys and headed up to Blyth (north up the coast about 15 miles or so). We got up there and the truck driver thought we might have to unload the truck by we decided to stay to see what was in the truck and if Phil and Terry needed help.

Strength and Joy in the Lord!

Originally uploaded by zacawc.
Getting our exercise unloading the truck!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Family Tuinier

Family Tuinier
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.
We give praise to God for this wonderful family and for the miracle He performed in their lives! God is faithful and this precious family has a testimony to share about God's love, healing and faithfulness!

Read the story beginning at July 11, 2006 ... click the link on the left of the screen. Miracles happen, so have FAITH in God!

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Floating Miracle for Bawa

To read about the miracle for Bawa, click on the Title Link above. This will bring up a slideshow of the pages. Double click on the pages and then click on the link to open the photo in a new window. Click on all sizes and the page will open large enough for you to read it. The story is worth give it a try! Esther Biney on the Anastasis wrote the story and it is in it's original form. Some of the pictures are a bit graphic...just so you are aware.

Bawa lived with tumors called Keloids (Scar Tissue that has continued to grow) for ten years. His wife left him and people rejected him. His life was changed with a surgery that removed 8 pounds of Keloid tissue and the love of Christ shown to him by the crew of the Anastasis as he recovered from surgery. To God be the Glory for His mighty work and grace!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time for the Big Haircut for Cancer!

August 2006 001
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.'s time to get the Haircut for Cancer! It's hot...and long enough and time for a new do! So.....

August 2006 003
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.
Here we go! Lorah Styer has just joined the crew...and she is our flatmate! So she did the deed!

August 2006 006
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch. is long enough...about 12 inches! So it will be used for a natural hair wig for a lady who has lost her own due to the cancer treatments! For better use for my hair! Hair with a purpose!

August 2006 010
Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.
My new do! Thanks, Lorah!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ghana Field Service has begun!

Hello Friends,

We wish you Faith, Hope and Peace! This would seem a nice greeting in itself, but if left to just that, would it cause you to wonder what we actually were trying to say? You know us and know about us, so we believe you understood this greeting to mean:

May your faith in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ be strengthened each day!

May your source of hope be in Jesus and His love for you!

May you have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding each day!
June 2006 128
(This photo is from Whitley Bay on the North Sea Coast not too far from where we are here in England)

Sometimes it is easy to write and believe that you are clear in what you are writing, however, at times more of an explanation is needed.
We are excited to share with you the awesome experiences we are having. Most of these are expressed in the daily victories that we see and the challenges that lead to the victories.
We hope that by reading our letters you (our prayer warriors, financial supporters and emotional stabilizers) feel a part of our ministry and all that is happening through Mercy Ships by God’s awesome power and plan.

We are currently challenged by having received word of equipment delays which hinder the deployment of the Africa Mercy to Ghana, yet at the same time; we are encouraged by the knowledge that our fellow laborers in Jesus Christ (Anastasis Crew) are in Ghana. The screening and field service have begun!

This picture (thanks to Mercy Ships Communications Dept) is from one of the screening days in Tema, Ghana.

The challenging part sometimes is from a personal perspective versus a ministry perspective. We are challenged because we want to be on-site and directly involved with the field service to the country of Ghana first-hand. Then we are excited because as a ministry we are doing exactly that. Sometimes we have to look past ourselves and see the big picture. So in this newsletter we would like to share with you some of the challenges and victories!
Although we are still working on the completion of the Africa Mercy, the Ghana field service has not been delayed! Two days of Medical Screening took place in Tema, Ghana on Monday and Tuesday (June 26-27). There, also, was a screening in Takadori, Ghana on Friday. It is estimated that over 2,000 potential patients were lined up to see the doctors by 8:00 am on Monday morning in the extremely hot Ghanaian sun!

About half of the crew of the Anastasis (many of our crew from the Africa Mercy that went ahead to Ghana) laid aside their duties on board to help with the triage, crowd control, prayer and patient escorting during the screening days.
We’d like to share with you a letter from the eyes of a Ghanaian day worker, Esther Biney, who is serving with us in communications. Her mother and father run the Youth with a Mission (YWAM) base in Tema, Ghana and are former Mercy Shippers. Her Aunt Agnes and Uncle Joe Biney are crew members here on the Africa Mercy.

July 2006 011 Agnes and Joe Biney on the Africa Mercy.
Esther writes, "We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Here we were, volunteering to help our own people during a Mercy Ships medical screening. We wondered if these white people were really real.

We watched in dismay as an ever growing line of deformed souls and faces made their way towards the screening site; a place where they clearly hoped to find a safe haven, a transformed being, a new identity, a new life. These people have been abandoned by an entire nation whose values seem superficial, who appear to seek identity in physical beauty and purpose in achievement. The joy of living has been taken from their souls. They have no hope of attaining acceptance in the eyes of many. "


We live in a country where love and respect is seen as a hindrance to a patient’s speedy recovery. It saddens us to think of the numerous nurses and doctors in our country on strike due to a lack of sufficient pay. They seem unperturbed by the results their actions have caused, leaving so many lives hanging in the balance.
Esther continues, "Our hearts rejoiced as we watched the Anastasis medical crew. From all over the world they came to touch the untouchables, seemingly oblivious to the deformities and diseased bodies. They really loved and cared for these patients as if they were their very own. "

183176722_a3dd3be1b4_o[2] Esther took this picture of a young Ghanaian girl that received an appointment card for Cleft Lip surgery.
Esther wrote, "We waited in vain to see racial boundaries prevent them from working effectively. Growing up, we were taught to believe that 'The white man is always around to take from us and never cares about the black man’s well being.' Our warped perceptions were totally shattered."


"These people are willing to serve the needy whole heartedly at no expense. We’ll never forget this day. We’re very proud to say we volunteered as security men on screening day to be a part of God’s heart for our people.

We say thank you and may God bless you Anastasis crew. 'Ayeekooo.' Well done!"
We agree with Esther that the Anastasis crew has begun a good work in Ghana! We look forward to seeing the before and after pictures from this field service!

We have many crew here on the Africa Mercy that are from Ghana (including Joe and Agnes Biney). They have been dreaming of the day to sail into their country on the Africa Mercy and service those in need in their own country! They long to see the healing and changed lives and be there for the people...


Just as Daniel Walls (9 years old) goes down to the ward for 30 minutes each day to visit his friend, who is recovering from the removal of a tumor on the side of his head. Most of the field service will be completed now before we are able to sail in. Please pray for our Ghanaian crew members, it is hard on all of us, but extremely hard for them as we work here and wait to sail.
There are critical pieces of equipment that we are waiting for and must be installed before we can do sea trials and testing. Please pray that these pieces of equipment are expedited to our ship and that the ship will be released from the shipyard complete.

The progress is continuing and it is exciting to see the various areas of the ship come together. The inside of the Medical Gas Container is pictured below.

medical gas container-albertawray

There is an article in the local Ghanaian paper about the work of Mercy Ships. Click here to read it.

The Library shelves are in and looking great! We can't wait to see books on the shelves! They are in the warehouse waiting for the ship to sail out of the shipyard, too!
The school rooms are looking great as well. After summer is over, the children hope to be in their classrooms, but we need to be out of the shipyard for them to be able to begin school on the ship. Many, many parts of the ship are really just about ready. Please pray that the remaining critical equipment is expedited to us!


Well, we need to finish up this newsletter and will try to send another one in just a few weeks! We appreciate your prayers, financial support, emails and encouragement! You are a part of all of this in Ghana and also in preparing the Africa Mercy for God's service for many years to come! Thank you so much!

July 2006 012, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

We miss you and love you! We'll close with a picture of us sitting in our cabin, our new favorite place for praying, bible study and just catching up!

May God bless you abundantly as you serve and trust in Him! For He is faithful!!! We pray you experience Faith, Hope and Peace, today and everyday!

God's blessings,
Rob and Denise Miller
Mercy Ships, Africa Mercy

Please email us at: or

For more of the daily challenges and victories....visit: or
our website:

For the Latest on Mercy Ships:

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Power of God and Prayer! PRAISE THE LORD!

If you have been praying and following this miracle for the last few days as it has been unfolding .. read on! If not, you may want to begin at the beginning which is down below on the blog...go to July 11th and read up the page. This is a testimony to God's Awesome Power and the hope we have in Him! God is a miracle worker and healer!!! Praise You, Praise You, Oh Lord!!!

Tim just forwarded this letter and the pictures from Jan!

Hello everybody,

I dont know how to call you guys: brothers, sisters, friends, family.....Words cannot describe my heart... God knows all things!

Since yesterday afternoon the tide really has start to turn and this is ONLY by the GRACE and MERCY of GOD. God has honored all the prayers around the world. I have read messages from people I dont even know, but who had similar experiences and the power of prayer was there!

I am very pleased to be able to write you that Elizabeth is back to the Pregnancy Ward of the hospital, in the High Care Unit, but she is doing much better. Isabella and Elizabeth
The wounds are still closed in her belly, and her blood pressure is normal and since yesterday morning she is back to breathing on her own. Also her mind and brain starts to work more properly as she starts to react in a way that we all know her. And that just makes me sooooo happy and blessed...

I cannot tell you what I feel...The last 4 days seem like 4 months. Last night we had Isabella brought to Elizabeth's bed and for 45 minutes Isabella enjoyed the touch of her little beautiful face which is a copy of Elizabeth, touching Elizabeth's face. It was quite emotional for Elizabeth as she was shaking and trying to hold the bottle of milk, but it gave her such a boost of energy and the will to get better! She said: I need to gain strength so I can get out of bed and sit on a chair because then I can squeeze my little Isabella in my arms!!!! I believe this was the best medicine!!!

The doctors want Elizabeth to start using her muscles again so she can look forward in one of these days to sit in bed! This morning I am going to bath Isabella for the first time!! I have got so many lovely encouraging emails, phone calls and cards etc that I cannot answer all of them personally..... at least not yet!

Jan, Elizabeth and Isabella

Tears come up as I read those encouraging words... You guys are wonderful! What a power we have in the name of Jesus!!! HIS name will be glorified through this situation.I will attach some pictures to this email and hope you can open them! May God bless each one of you as you have been and still are such a blessing to us!

With love,
Jan Tuinier

Thursday, July 13, 2006

PRAISE THE LORD and Please continue to PRAY!

The following information directly from Jan today.

The brain scans done yesterday afternoon have shown NO DAMAGE. The doctors are still cautious however and recovery may be very slow and/or not complete.

The bleeding has been stopped now and the drains are functioning properly.

Elizabeth's blood pressure remains high but controlled and medical staff are satisfied with their ability to control this.

Jan has been warned that it may take some time for recovery to take place, and that the danger is not yet fully past. But Jan is sure they have seen the worst now.

Please continue to pray for continued stability of her blood pressure and healing internally. Please pray for improved clarity and function of thought and memory. The situation now seems largely under control, but now it is time for improvement.

Rejoice in the answered prayers to this point.

Jan got a few hours of much need rest last night.

Jan thanks EVERYONE for the kind messages he has been receiving. He is trying to read them all, but has little time at home to do so just yet.

Jan wants everyone to know that they acknowledge that the prayers and intercessions have been the key part in this struggle and are deeply grateful. They know it is a miracle from God that Isabella is here and healthy, and that the Lord has been the One to sustain Elizabeth and guide the medical staff in their work.

We can rejoice that things are better today, and let us not ease up in our prayer support.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Update on Elizabeth- Please continue to pray!

Additional news from Jan at 1500 UK time

Elizabeth is now breathing on her own and has occasionally been conscious. However, the doctors are now concerned about how she is reacting to questions and actions, and that there could be other problems notnecessarily due to the medications. Therefore, at the time of this message they are beginning some brain scans to look for possible damage.

No furtherinformation about this is expected before 1900 tonight, and I may not heardetails until tomorrow. Jan was able to talk with Elizabeth for about 30 minutes today, but the interaction was not very good due to Elizabeth's disorientation and the concerns mentioned above.

Jan is officially recording the birth of his daughter, as required by Dutchlaw, personally this afternoon. Baby Isabella is doing very well, and is not in an incubator and is not receiving any medications or other extraordinary care. She is "BEAUTIFUL!"according to Jan. Prayer for Elizabeth is clearly still needed. Thank you for continuing to support the Tuiniers in prayer.

A letter from Jan!

Dear friends!
Many of you have heard the great news already which I am finally able to write to you from my own hands that Elizabeth and I became parents of a very tiny but very healthy and very beautiful daughter, her names are: GRACE ISABELLA and we will call her Isabella. The name Grace is to show our thankfulness to God who is the One Who created this miracle over the last 9 months. Many of you also have been praying for Elizabeth's situation over the last couple of days.I would like to try to express our deep thankfulness for you guys as our family in Christ and I will try to explain briefly through what we went since Sunday night.

Sunday night Elizabeth started to have contractions and a very high blood pressure which resulted in her being most uncomfortable. Therefore it was decided to get the baby that same night with a C-section. I was able to be in the Operating Theatre and hold her hand while the doctors were taking the baby out! Quite an experience which I will not forget I am sure! At 2245 hrs little Isabella was born and found totally healthy although small (1940 grams) this was because during pre eclampsia often the flow of 'food' etc for the baby can be disrupted and be less. An hour later Elizabeth was sowed back together and brought back to her room. All seemed to be well. Around 3 am I was back home, trying to put my thoughts together! At 7:30 am I got a call from the hospital that I should come back asap because Elizabeth's wound had been bleeding the whole night, and she had lost a lot of blood. They found out that her blood was not stolling very well so they wanted to control her blood first before opening the wound again to clean everything inside etc.

So on Monday afternoon she went back to the operating room where they re opened the wound, cleaned everything and I am sure I am skipping things which are important for the ext part but anyway, they wanted her to stay at least one night on the IC unit of the hospital to keep a close eye on her. Her life was not in danger at that time although she was quite sick. She was awake most of the time, but very slowly reacting and could hardly talk! And we all know how much she likes to talk!! For me, it were so far the hardest days of my life and it was about to get worse. The feeling of not being able to carry her pain and to see her laying in bed like that...... I cannot describe those feelings .... And this is how we got to Tuesday morning.

After sleeping about 5 hrs at home I got another call from the hospital around 8 am and they told me to come again asap because Elizabeth had been asking for me and she had an acute pain, very hard, in her belly, and her belly started to blow grow in size. When I got to the hospital I could not believe my eyes... She looked twice as big as she had been during the end of her pregnancy. Her belly was incredible big and still growing. THe doctors wanted to know where this inner bleeding was coming from and were very much afraid for her liver. They made things not look better than they were and told me that the coming hours were going to be very difficult and scary.

We saw the reality of it and during the hour I had with Elizabeth awake we spoke together about the reality of life and dead. And of course I am the one who should have comforted her in this situation but she was just sooo peaceful and laid back in acceptance for whatever God would do with her and us , it would be good. I don't know how to write and what to write about this hour in the hospital.....we basically said good bye knowing it could very well be for the last time here on earth. Also my parents where with us in the hospital which was great.

In the meantime there were all kind of different specialists and doctors discussing what could be the cause of the inner bleeding. But time was pressing because her belly was getting incredible big and started to put her lungs in an bad position which resulted in breathing problems.Finally around 5 pm yesterday they brought Elizabeth away for her third surgery in 3 days.They opened up her belly and what else more, and found out that the liver was in great condition which was a big plus !The cause of the blood in her belly and everywhere was.......the small drain put in at the earlier surgery was inside her belly totally blocked which resulted in the blood going everywhere except out of her body!!! So the mystery was cleared! At 8 pm last night she was back at the IC room and around 9 pm I was able to see her. She was laying there so peacefull, kept asleep and a machine breathing for her to give her lungs rest. At this moment of writing she is still kept asleep and hopefully before noon today they will wake her up. All seems much better now and we know why: it is because of God in the first place Who has been asked by sooo many of you guys. What can we say?? I spoke with Tim Tretheway last night very late but was not able to express my heart how it feels to know that worldwide people love us and miss us and pray for us and specially for Elizabeth who needs it soo much.

Also Elizabeth has been a witness in this situation to many nurses and doctors and other patients. She said THANK YOU to every single painful thing they had to do to her and kept so relaxed and peaceful, and that was something many nurses could not understand!!!

And Isabella? Again, what can I say?? The feeling of holding your is just crazy!!!!That little beautiful life, she looks for a 100% like Elizabeth, the shape of her face, hair, except her big blue eyes which can still change of colour as they told me!I will try to keep you updated with news as days pass by, but we pray and hope and believe that a recovery is with Elizabeth!God bless you as you are a blessing to other people!!!

With love from the Netherlands,
Jan, Elizabeth and Isabella Tuinier!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Please pray for Elizabeth, Jan and baby, Grace

From Tim Tretheway - 8.55 UK time:

Just received another call from the family with quite a bit of information:

Elizabeth, who is in a hospital in Rotterdam, Netherlands, has been awake briefly earlier today and could speak with her husband Jan and she did see the baby. This was before surgery #3. "she is at peace with the situation"

Her condition deteriorated this evening and they performed a fourth surgery which just ended. She has come through again, but is now on full lifesupport. They expect to keep her on full life support through the night, hoping for improvement.

The doctors feel the surgery was a success this time, finding what they believe was the major source of the bleeding and apparently sealing this off. They also believe they have identified the condition: HELLP Syndrome, which is associated with the pre-eclampsia and is extremely serious. The baby is doing fine, and has even been removed from the incubator.

If all remains stable, we probably won't hear anything new now for a number of hours, probably after noon UK time tomorrow.
1840 UK time

We just received another call from the family to request prayer.

Elisabeth has not improved from this morning's surgery and the bleeding has not stopped. The situation is again deemed to be very critical and Elisabeth will be having her fourth surgery tonight in a short time. The doctors will be seeking the source of the bleeding but currently do not seem to know where it may be.

Please continue to fervently pray for Elisabeth and enlist all who may join in this prayer.

More information will follow when available.


Thank to so much for your faithful prayers!



Tim just made the announcement over the radio that Elizabeth is out of 3rd surgery ... went well...they eliminated the source of the worst case scenario. She's doing ok...she's stable still in the ICU and in very serious state. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Please continue to pray!

Please pray for Elizabeth, Jan and baby, Grace

Hello everyone,

Jan had planned to announce personally the arrival of GRACE ISABELLA TUINIER, weighing slightly less than 4 pounds, very late Sunday night/early Monday morning. The baby is doing well and receiving great care at the hospital.

However, Elisabeth has not been doing so well and has had a second surgery on Monday. This apparently has not corrected the problem(s) and further surgery is expected this morning.

Please pray for the Tuiniers. We welcome Grace into the world and pray the Lord's greatest blessings upon her. We pray also for her mother, that there will be swift and complete healing and restoration, that she can fully enjoy the wonderful arrival of her daughter.

Tim Tretheway, Chief Officer, m/v Africa Mercy

Monday, July 10, 2006

TV Special on Mercy Ships!

TLN Original: Acts of Mercy (60 minutes)

Witness the miracles on-board Mercy Ships floating hospital. These victims of physical malformations and health issues come with hope for healing. Host Bill Kurtis

Wed. July 12 2:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 11:00 PM
Sat. July 15 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 10:00 PM

This show will be aired on TLN (Total Living Network) and Sky Angel. Satellite Channel number 9714.

Our new neighbor in Shipyard

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Video Hosting - Upload Video - Video Sharing

Yesterday, a new ship came into the drydock next to the Africa Mercy. It is an oil drilling and refinery ship. We were on board doing our Bible Study in our new cabin! We've not moved on board yet...this probably won't happen for a few more months.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Community Meetings

The link above is for anyone with a Mercy Ships log on and password. This link takes you to our community meetings held at St. John's Church in Hebburn.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Survival Craft Training - for Rob!

by Mike Osborne, Africa Mercy Communications Writer

Four Africa Mercy crewmembers have received official Certificates of Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats. Crewmen Rob Miller, Alfred Apaflo, Terry Barrett and Jacinto De Jesus received the certificates after attending a weeklong course at the South Tyneside College Marine Safety Training Centre in Northeast England.
This advanced safety course provided the four men an opportunity to develop and practice the skills required to launch, maneuver and rescue using various types of lifeboats. The Africa Mercy will carry two large lifeboats capable of holding 150 persons each, as well as two smaller life boats, life rafts and fast rescue boats.

The South Tyneside College was founded in 1861 and specializes in maritime training. The college trains 8,000 students a year in subjects ranging from proper mooring technique to assisting helicopter crews in the emergency offloading of an injured crewmate. Veteran Mercy Ships Captain Al Bennett arranged for the crewmen to attend while he was serving as the vessel’s Training Officer earlier this year.

"I enjoyed the class and was particularly impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of the instructors," crewman Rob Miller said of the course. "They worked hard at making students aware of the life and death nature of the situations we were simulating."

For more news, click here.

The Story behind the Sterilizers - State of the Art Technology!

Among the medical supplies onboard are a number of 3M ETS (Electronic Test System) units that have been donated by 3M New Zealand which test sterilisation chambers are working correctly.

As well as donating the units, Sarah Green from 3M New Zealand in Auckland also arranged for the volunteers to receive special training, courtesy of her Loughborough-based colleague Dr. Brian Kirk, here in the UK.

“ETS has a highly accurate measurement system designed to detect potential faults in a sterilisation chamber. Among its many benefits is that the data is downloadable to a computer and can be sent electronically for further analysis. Kylie (Africa Mercy Operating Room Supervisor) never needs to worry about doing the tests all on her own, even when she is off the coast of Africa, because if there is anything she is unsure about then she can e-mail the data to me for a second opinion.” Click here for more of the story.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A short video called "Beyond Tomorrow"

Click on the title above to open a window to view a 3 minute video aired on British TV during a show called, Beyond Tomorrow. This video was filmed over a year or two the operating rooms are almost complete and the equipment is being installed! This video also tells about how doctors will be able to give state of the art support to our doctors on location in West Africa to give the best care to those we serve!

Monday, June 26, 2006

First official lunch in the Dining Room of the Africa Mercy

Crew Mess
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Don and Deyon had an extended visit and joined the crew for the first official lunch (Brown Bag) in the Dining Room on the Africa Mercy. The chairs are borrowed from the International Lounge, as the Dining Room chairs are not yet in place. This picture is of Rodrigo (Brazil), Mathlida (South Africa), Anique (South Africa) and Rachel (UK) with Don Stephens (USA). (Left to Right)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

We celebrated our 33rd Anniversary with a trip to York!

Rob and I wanted to just spend the day together for our 33rd wedding anniversary. We decided to take a short trip to York for the day and we had a truely blessed day! York is about an hour from Newcastle. We had weather that was about 80 degrees Farenheit and no rain! Another summer day, here in England! God is so faithful and good!

June 2006 046

We'd like to share some of the highlights with you! We hope you'll enjoy the sights and history as much as we did!

June 2006 040
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The emblem of the City of York - depicts the symbol of a rose and reflects the city's more peaceful recent history.

The Wars of the Roses (1453-1487) took place when the armies of York and Lancaster fought each other on the battlefield. Then a war with France decimated exports and the city lost the wool trade that helped York become a centre of trade. When King Henry the VIII (1536-1539) confiscated and dissolved the monasteries, York's religious communities lost their power and many of the glorious buildings were sold and torn down or used for scrap.

Ironically, because of these changes in fortune, many of the city's most historic buildings were saved through the centuries due to the fact the city could not afford rebuilding programs that other towns were doing. Unlike in the United States where there are many styles of architechture used for buildings, the buildings here in England reflect the prominence of fortune during a specific period of history for the area.

Henry VIII established York as his seat of government in the north of England. Civil War erupted and in 1644, a Parliamentary army met the Royalist forces (York) at Marston Moor. The Parliamentarians won the battle and laid siege to Royalist York. When York fell, the intervention of Sir Thomas Fairfax prevented the city's fine buildings from destruction. As the 18th century came in, York was a peaceful and elegant city and the many beautiful Georgian buildings reflect that peace.

The Bar Convent - York

We left early to catch the train at 7:49 am to York from Newcastle. We arrived in York just before 9:00 am and decided to have a full English Breakfast at the cafe inside "The Bar Convent - York".

Rob at the Bar Convent Cafe
We need to explain that "Bar" in York means "Gate" and this is the oldest living convent in England founded in 1686, at that time there was persecution for Catholics in England.

The Bar Convent - York
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This Convent is now also a Museum of Church History and Heritage. A community of the "Congregation of Jesus" still lives and works at the Bar Convent. They also have a 17 bed Guesthouse and a beautiful cafe. The Bar Convent is near the Mickelgate Bar.

The buildings are Georgian and the community set up a boarding and day school for Catholic girls. They ran the school for 299 years before handing it over to the diocese in 1985. There is a beautiful chapel totally concealed from the outside of the buildings. As you walk through the entrance, there was an open courtyard, which is now a beautiful spacious entrance hall with a glass roof.
June 2006 024

The Bar Convent entrance hall (previous courtyard) and the lovely tile floor! The windows look into the cafe.

June 2006 025

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A short visit to the Anastasis

Anastasis Sailing

Have you wondered what it would be like to be on the Anastasis for just a few weeks? Click on the title of this post (where the small lighthouse is) and you will visit with Erin. A young journalist on the Anastasis for five weeks, including the sail from Liberia to Ghana!

Anastasis Update

Our Advance Team in Ghana, began screening patients for Ophthalmic Surgery, together with a local partner Christian Eye Mission. The screening date for surgeries has been set for June 26. The surgeries will begin on the Anastasis, as the Africa Mercy will not be sailing until later this year. The Anastasis will continue in service until the Africa Mercy arrives in Ghana and is ready for service. The Anastasis will be retired after our arrival in Ghana.

Many of the Africa Mercy crew will transfer to the Anastasis and our first transfers of crew went to Liberia earlier this week. They arrived safely on board yesterday. Penny, one of our receptionists, was in this first group and is training to be the Head Receptionist in about a month's time.

This is a picture of Penny and Denise as the Reception Desk on the Africa Mercy was being installed. Here is a picture of the Reception Desk about a week later during the Commissioning service. It's beautiful!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Summer was here - Yesterday - for most of the day!

The British folks here tell us that summer comes for one day a year! Well...I must say that had to be yesterday! The weather was beautiful for most of the day! It was the first day we didn't have to wear a jacket in the middle of the day! Rob had on a short sleeve shirt and it was in the low 70's....just beautiful! Here's the official recap from the BBC:

"It was a dry day with sunny skies. Some patchy cloud did develop and high cloud made the sunshine hazy at times.... However,generally it was very warm or hot across the UK."

We went out walking about getting acquainted with living in a new location in Hebburn. We walked over and found the Gateway, a local Christian coffee shop. We also walked back over where near where we were living before in Jarrow and walked around the Viking Centre. We came across an outdoor display of "Country Line Dancing!" We could hardly believe it! The British people do have a fasination with anything "Western" or "Texan." We've included a couple short clips of the line dancing! Enjoy!!!

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Kate, Pam & Penny

Kate, Pam & Penny, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

Kate, Pam & Penny on the Anastasis sailing from Liberia to Ghana!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

President of Liberia comes to the Anastasis

Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, came to visit the Anastasis about a week before the ship left Liberia on 22 May 2006. The Anastasis sailed to Ghana on 29 May 2006. The Africa Mercy plans to arrive in Liberia in March 2007. She wanted to say Thank you for the service Mercy Ships provided to her country for the past 7 months. Here is a transcript of her speech.

"Dr. Barr and officials of government, prelates and members of the Liberian Council of Churches, Executive Director Quist, and staff of the Mercy Ship, visiting team coming with Dr. Bernard to help us, colleagues, friends, ladies and gentlemen.

I could no less than be here. This is not my first trip to the Mercy Ship.

I had the opportunity to come several weeks ago and to tour the ship, and to walk through the areas where our young people are being treated, and to just be awed by what is happening in their lives. I was overfilled with gratitude and appreciation to those who have given so much to be able to share with us.

There are three things that come from the service of the Mercy Ship,well-stated in all of the statements that have been made this afternoon. First is the blessings that come from those who walk in the path of Jesus Christ – the blessings that come from those who walk the talk, and those who benefit from those that make the walk. They're both blessed – the giver and the receiver. And I think those who are on the Mercy Ship will be blessed by God as those who they have served leave the ship also blessed. So we thank them for walking in the path of Jesus Christ.

The second thought that comes to mind is the humanity of sacrificial service. How many of us would be willing to leave all that we have – our family, our friends, our fortune, our profession, our occupation, and to go out and serve, bringing new life to others? How many of you, in your community, are willing to do likewise – to look around you in the community and to gather those who have the capacity and the capability to say, "Yes, we can do something"? About the garbage; about the children on the streets; about the old, abandoned people? That we, too, with what we have, can serve them. We can connect to humanity by the little that we do, and we want to thank the Mercy Ship for what they have done, for this sacrificial service. They have given up everything they have to come to a faraway place and to be able to render to those in need. We do thankyou.

And the third thing, that lesson that comes to me from their service, is the potential of transformation. We look at the examples that they showed – young people, ostracized, unaccepted in their community, ashamed to go around because of their disfigurement, because of their disability. And see the difference after this service – they can walk out, proud; they can once again regain their self-confidence; they can once again become a part of their community, their church, their school, their work. The transformation that comes from their potential.

And I sometimes see this as a microcosm of the transformation of our nation. Because there is pain in transformation, because you take something that looks one way and you mold it into something else. And in that period, there's no escaping the difficulties. I'm sure those young children, when they have to take anaesthesia, when they have to go through and watch a surgeon's knife, that they were afraid. But then look at the potential of their lives recreated. And I say it's a microcosm because I know that in our transforming our country, that there will be pain and sorrow, there will be difficulties. But look at tomorrow, when the bright lights come on.

And so we each and every one of us in this room need to capture the spirit of these three things: walking in the path of Jesus Christ; making sacrificial service, as the Bible says, "Cast your buckets where you are"; and recognizing, extolling, the potential of transformation.

To all of you Mercy Ships, we want to thank you. It's sad that you are leaving, we are going to miss you, the community, those you have served, the country, the government; but we take hope that as the Africa Mercy ship comes back next year, some of you – as many as could make it – will once again remember this great land of liberty, this place of a friendly people, with all its problems – that you will come back and once again join hands and bond with us. Give us an opportunity to work with you, to appreciate you, to thank you, and to share God's blessings with you. "

Monday, May 22, 2006

Africa Mercy Commissioning Video (8 min.)

Please click on the link above to go to the Mercy Ships Video of the Commissioning Service. Get your tissues's very moving!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Update from Rob and Denise

Hello Friends,
The saying is, “time flies when you’re having fun”. We are REALLY having fun, and it would appear time is really flying. The past couple months have FLOWN by and the weather has improved….and we are enjoying it!
There has been a flurry of activity both on the ship and off. If you’ve been looking at our website ( and/or blog ( you will have an idea of the changes and excitement going on here at the Africa Mercy! If not…here are some of the highlights:

We had the commissioning service on April 6th….here in Northeast England rather than in London as the ship was not yet ready to sail.

Africa Mercy on Commissioning Day!

Africa Mercy, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

Much preparation went into getting parts of the ship sparkling for the ceremony and tour. The guests (about 200 total) came from all over the world (US, UK, Liberia, Korea, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, etc) to attend the ceremony and tour a small portion of the ship. A number of our International Board Members attended the event and had a Board Meeting in London the day after. The Mercy Ships UK office hosted the event and worked out the logistics of getting everyone by train and bus to the ship!
The Audience sitting in the Africa Mercy Dining Room

An operating room onboard the Africa Mercy (not yet completed).

Surgery Tour