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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Anastasis Update

Our Advance Team in Ghana, began screening patients for Ophthalmic Surgery, together with a local partner Christian Eye Mission. The screening date for surgeries has been set for June 26. The surgeries will begin on the Anastasis, as the Africa Mercy will not be sailing until later this year. The Anastasis will continue in service until the Africa Mercy arrives in Ghana and is ready for service. The Anastasis will be retired after our arrival in Ghana.

Many of the Africa Mercy crew will transfer to the Anastasis and our first transfers of crew went to Liberia earlier this week. They arrived safely on board yesterday. Penny, one of our receptionists, was in this first group and is training to be the Head Receptionist in about a month's time.

This is a picture of Penny and Denise as the Reception Desk on the Africa Mercy was being installed. Here is a picture of the Reception Desk about a week later during the Commissioning service. It's beautiful!

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