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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hello from Texas!

Good Morning from Texas,
We are enjoying the first week of our time back home with family and friends. We had a very safe trip home, with all of the connections on time and our luggage at the terminal when we arrived.  God took care of all of the details.  It seems a little strange as we read postings from our friends sailing aboard the Africa Mercy as she sails to Togo.  This is the first sail she has made since 2007 which we have not been aboard for. We are excited about watching American football "Superbowl" today. Rob is enjoying his new hearing aids and we are enjoying him hearing better. The past few days have been special with long time friend Lorraine visiting from Kentucky.  Tomorrow we travel to the home of Ruth and John.  What a blessing to have good friends and time to enjoy their company.