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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Reception Wall

February 2006 248, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

Denise on duty standing by the reception wall with the concept pictures of the reception counter.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rob taking his 1st ever Train ride!

February 2006 058, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

We took a long weekend and traveled to Inverness, Scotland for Thursday, 9Feb06 - Monday, 13Feb06! We traveled by train on the GNER (Great Northeast Railroad). The train ride was Rob's first ever! We had a lovely ride and really enjoyed our time!

Kathy, Yvonne and Denise on the train

February 2006 061, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

We had a great ride up to Scotland. Train travel is not like I remember it! Bump, bump, bump! It's very smooth and they have Wireless Internet! Unfortunately, I have not reloaded my wireless since the computer crash this I wasn't able to take advantage of the 5 hour train ride with Internet! We did enjoy the lovely scenery and green hills! How do they keep the grass so green all winter? I've not yet figured that out!

Snow on the mountains!

February 2006 065, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

As we continued North...we did see snow! The green hills gave way to snow capped mountains! Still beautiful scenery from the train!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A concept drawing of the Reception Counter

February 2006 041, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

This drawing is a concept of what the Reception Counter will look like. The single shelf will be up against the wall in the reception area and the double shelf will be the counter top and the desk area for the equipment in the reception area. I hope this gives you an idea of what reception will look like when completed.

Reception Area of the Africa Mercy

February 2006 048, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

This photo was taken on 5 February 2006. The area was cleaned up and the wiring and ductwork has been worked on recently. You can see outside to the gangway out the glass doors. The insulation is being prepared to install.