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Togo 2010

The Africa Mercy approaches the Port of Lome, Togo 
As the Africa Mercy approaches the dock, the awaiting Advance Party and Togolese people come into view and the sound of the singing and bands can be heard by the crew on board.
The crew enjoy getting closer and ready to dock after about 10 days of sailing from Tenerife.  We are anxious to begin the field service in Togo and think about the relationships to be formed and all the lives that will be changed by God's grace.  

The Togolese people are also full of anticipation as the ship docks to the beautiful African music played by one of the bands on the dock.  The atmosphere is festive and joyful!
Clementine Tengue, one of our Togolese crew members, brings down the Flag of Togo.  She is followed by the Managing Director and his wife, Mark and Lori Thompson.

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