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Saturday, June 30, 2007

[http://mercywatch] Transition Time is almost over! Surgeries will soon begin!

Mercy Watch

Hello Friends,

Just a note of explanation...we wrote this newsletter a week ago....but couldn't send it out till the timing is a bit off.

We’ve now been in Monrovia, Liberia for a little over a month. There has been much activity amongst the crew, as we’ve worked together to transfer equipment, furniture, offices and many crew’s homes from the Anastasis to the Africa Mercy. The picture below shows the transfer of items via a train of crew from a broad perspective. LIC0705_SHIPTRANSF_DB_140_L

The items flow off the ship on the right side (the Anastasis) down one of the gangways through the tents (for safety reasons – note the forklift on the dock moving heavier gear). And then up the gangway to the ship on the left (the Africa Mercy).

Items going off the Anastasis

Each box, item and piece of equipment weaves through the Anastasis to one of the gangways or to a place where a crane can take it to the dock to continue the journey to the Africa Mercy.


Our crew formed G5 (Groups of 5) teams from all departments which worked tirelessly for 3 weeks to complete the transfer of everything actually one full week ahead of schedule!

G5 teams moving boxes on the Dock!

As each item reached the dock, it must be carried or moved to the gangway or to the crane of the Africa Mercy and then up the gangway or to deck 8!

Going up the gangway to the Africa Mercy with Boxes during Transition

Once each item reaches the, the teams must then ensure it goes to the proper deck and is placed in a cabin, office or in the hospital on deck 3! So again, the items weave their way to their proper place.

Items going down the staircase on the Africa Mercy

The planning and implementing of this massive project was nearly flawless. This has been an amazing process and God has blessed us greatly by holding off the rains of the rainy season here! In fact, there was only one day cancelled due to rain! We have had rains but mainly at night or after the day’s work! God is so faithful!

More boxes in the Hospital Ward!

So....the boxes and all are on the right to unload and setup! In the midst of all the moving and transferring, there have been many last and many first events for the crew.


This is a picture of one of the two eye surgery operating rooms…ready for surgery on 25 June 2007!

Monday, June 25th, the first surgeries are scheduled onboard the Africa Mercy. The theme would seem to be first and last, and at this time there seem to be many in our lives, perhaps they are in yours too.


We’ve held the last community meeting aboard the Anastasis on aft deck (with Don and Deyon Stephens speaking and had the last dinner. 088

We’ve had the first meal and first community meeting aboard the Africa Mercy. The Anastasis is now scheduled to set sail on Friday, June 29th to her final destination. And we had a surprise party for our 34th Anniversary! Thanks to all who send ecards a emails! It was a Huge blessing to us!


As sometimes there are lots of changes going on, we look for the familiar…the smile of a child in the morning as they greet you at breakfast, the dining room staff being so faithful in their duties…the soft touch of a friend’s hand and a knowing smile…the sweet melody of conversations as the crew prepares for another day….checking email or a snail mail call and a special one is there from a friend or family member…or back to the cabin and a phone call or message! Even in the midst of change there is the familiar.


We had reunion of Caribbean Mercy crew on pool deck of the Anastasis. It was so good to get together and connect with our crewmates! The Caribbean Mercy was a very special place and we were privileged to be a part of the crew there! Now we are getting to know our new crewmates that have come over from the Anastasis and building special relationships here as well. We are so privileged to be a part of the Africa Mercy crew!

We’ve changed from our familiar Park Methodist Church family that loved and supported us in Jarrow, England for the past year and a half. We’ve changed from our weekly routine of visiting with Jean Taylor and sharing her loving home and garden, peaceful company and service with her to local churches. We miss the smile and warmth of our many friends at Park Methodist, our time with the girls in the Jarrow Girl’s Brigade and friends at the shipyard in Hebburn. We miss making new friends in Blyth and the friends we made there. We miss the walks we’d take to the market, or just rambling about town and the shipyard that became a familiar place to us. Even the small flat we shared with several crew for a year has pleasant memories.

We struggle with desires to reconnect with our loved ones and friends in the US. We miss attending our home church of Lakeshore United Methodist Church. We long to get emails, a phone call or letter from our family and friends. As we receive each one…it brightens our day! It seems the Lord knows just when we need a bit more encouragement! Thank you for listening to Him and all that each of you are too us!

When we were there in England we longed to be sailing away to Africa. Now we are in Africa, things aren’t familiar, and some of the familiar is changing as the crew settles in and we find ourselves in the midst of living with more crew. Our crew has grown in the past month from just about 100 to over 300 and more coming several times a week. As we begin our field service to Liberia, the crew will build to over 400! This is what we have been praying for and looking forward to and the field service is just about to begin! Praise the Lord!

098 New crew arriving in reception!

We thank God that He forgives and gives us grace when we may be confused a little or anxious in an indecision as we learn new ways to do old things. As we learn to work with new systems in new places and with new crew members, we can easily long for the familiar. Or is this just another way of saying…”slow the change down…. I’m not keeping up” or “would someone give me the play sheet please?”

In the middle of all of this we find ourselves focusing on our “job” because there is much to be done and seemingly little time to get it done. Prayer and quiet time can become a luxury we don’t afford ourselves, because after a long hard day at our “jobs”…. we’re tired.

Denise has had to help remind me of our focus. Seek God and trust Him to direct our paths. Commit ourselves to our Lord, Jesus Christ and allow Him to strengthen us. In our own strength, we will fail. We need the power of the Holy Spirit in us to empower us.

This past Thursday morning (21 June), the technical departments met together in the International Lounge for devotion at 0745 to start our day with the right focus. During this time we watched part of a video. In brief, the story was of a man who had dreams. Before he could realize many of those dreams, he contracted polio and was paralyzed. Now many of his dreams seemed impossible to fulfill. As the video played out, he testified to God’s healing power in his life. He was able to realize his dreams, and to continue to dream with God’s help.

So, I have been reflecting on some of my dreams and some of the dreams Denise and I share together. I’ve reflected on the dream we have to share God’s word, with His people. To be a witness for Him and to testify to the hope that is within us. We are thankful for the opportunities God has given us and in the midst of change, there is the familiar. The familiar word of God, encouraging us, comforting us, inspiring us, teaching us, strengthening us, guiding us, equipping us, and always stretching us.

We pray today, that as you experience the changes in your life, as you are faced with “first and last”, that you will find comfort and strength in God’s word and with His people. We thank God for you and all that you are to us!

God’s abundant blessings to you,

Rob and Denise

Hebrews 6:10-12 and Hebrews 10:36-39

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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Anastasis and Monrovia, Liberia

Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.
As the Anastasis prepared to sail out of the harbor, she swung around her anchor to change direction and head out. I took this picture as she was going around the anhor and caught a beautiful picture of her with Monrovia in the background.

David on the Anastasis

Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.
This is a picture of our friend, David. He is a part of the crew for the last sail of the Anastasis.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

PET seen on the way to the Airport

Traveling through Monrovia on the way to Roberts Airport in Liberia, we saw a PET (Personal Energy Transport)! While we were on the Caribbean Mercy Ship, we carried these PETs with us and distributed them free of charge to people with mobile disabilities due to amputations or paralysis.

When we visited our home church last September, we found out that our Men's Group was building these PETs for distribution and met every Monday morning to work on them as a project! What a blessing! Many missionary organizations distribute these PETs.

The Football (Soccer) game in the background is being played by an Amputee Football Team! Rob and his driver actually were able to stop and watch the game for a little while waiting for us, as my driver and I were caught up in traffic going through the downtown area of Monrovia. I snapped this picture as we were going by.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Transition Time is almost over! Surgeries will soon begin!

It has been an exciting and very busy month with the Anastasis and the Africa Mercy being docked across from one another. However, the field service has been on hold for the transition and moving of the equipment, crew and supplies from the Anastasis to the Africa Mercy.
This was an essential time and things are coming together, crew is settling into their new cabins and office spaces and getting to know the new ship. A look around the hospital and it is getting ready to begin surgeries on Monday. New crew (mostly medical) is coming on board and the ship is buzzing with anticipation to experience what we've all been working so hard for... to get the Africa Mercy doing what God had planned all along.... patients in the new operating rooms and wards and many other projects/programs that serve the communities in Liberia and most importantly show God's love in action for the Liberian people!
The Anastasis began serving in March and then in May, put projects and programs on hold for the transition and retirement of the Anastasis. The Anastasis will sail away from Liberia on 02 July 07 and the Africa Mercy will continue the field service in Liberia until December 2007.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rob & Denise on our 34th Anniversary!

Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

Thank you to all our friends and family that contacted by email, ecards, cards and phone to wish us a Happy Anniversary! Thank you also to our friends that surprised us with a wonderful Anniversary Celebration in the cafe on board the Africa Mercy! Joyce even made her first cake in the crew galley for this special occasion! And it was very good!

God always surprises us on where we'll be and what we'll be doing on our anniversary! Who would have thought we'd be celebrating in Monrovia, Liberia for our 34th! We are truely blessed!

Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.
Tom, Kathy, Ann, Jan (behind baby), Grace Isabella (Jan & Elizabeth's baby girl!) and Andy. Photo of a Mercy Ships screening day in the background...... These are some of our friends on board that surprised us!

Originally uploaded by MercyWatch.
(Left to Right) Joe, Lilian, Lucy (standing on the floor), Ciaran, Pete, Kate, Jutta, Jeremiah and Udo. These are more of our friends, most of them served with us on the Caribbean Mercy and now the Africa Mercy! Some have served on the Anastasis prior to the Africa Mercy coming to Africa! It is good to be here and to have some close friends with us here, too!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wishing Denise a Wonderful 34th Wedding Anniversary

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Wishing Denise a Wonderful 34th Wedding Anniversary

Hello Friends,

Would you join with me this year and help make our 34th Wedding Anniversary even more special? This Saturday June 9, 2007 will be our 34th. Would you take a minute and send a special note to my lovely wife? She is a true blessing to me and to many. Your words of encouragement would mean so much to her.

God bless you and thanks for making our day even more special.


for the both of us.