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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Transition Time is almost over! Surgeries will soon begin!

It has been an exciting and very busy month with the Anastasis and the Africa Mercy being docked across from one another. However, the field service has been on hold for the transition and moving of the equipment, crew and supplies from the Anastasis to the Africa Mercy.
This was an essential time and things are coming together, crew is settling into their new cabins and office spaces and getting to know the new ship. A look around the hospital and it is getting ready to begin surgeries on Monday. New crew (mostly medical) is coming on board and the ship is buzzing with anticipation to experience what we've all been working so hard for... to get the Africa Mercy doing what God had planned all along.... patients in the new operating rooms and wards and many other projects/programs that serve the communities in Liberia and most importantly show God's love in action for the Liberian people!
The Anastasis began serving in March and then in May, put projects and programs on hold for the transition and retirement of the Anastasis. The Anastasis will sail away from Liberia on 02 July 07 and the Africa Mercy will continue the field service in Liberia until December 2007.

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