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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are in Honduras and are truly blessed!

When we departed from the USA back in September, we didn't have enough time after Hurricane Ivan to finish all the shopping runs. We sailed after just a few days back on the ship. Soooo... we knew that the Thanksgiving meal was going to be a challenge!

We truly had an international crew at our table for Thanksgiving dinner. Going around the table clockwise is Jan Kronester (age 4) from Germany, Jan Haukaas (standing) from Norway, Hyo Ryong Kim from Korea, Luci James from England, Rob and Denise from the USA!

Thanksgiving Dinner Table on The Caribbean Mercy. Posted by Hello
We had a wonderful dinner, including a real turkey and pumpkin pies! We even had some whipped cream! It was delicious. The whole frozen turkey was purchased in a market about 3 hours from the ship in La Ceiba. As new crew joined the ship, they brought with them cans of we were able to enjoy pumpkin pie! Some of them brought pecans, too, for pecan pie! Yum, yum! The whipping cream was purchased at a local grocery and it was so good! God is so faithful!

Thanksgiving dessert! Even whipped cream! Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Caballeros with a cow

Caballeros with a cow
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Two Caballeros (Honduran Cowboys) with a cow coming down the street in Dos Bocas, Honduras.

Three Lovely girls from Dos Bocas

Trip to Dos Bocas 012
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Precious girls from Dos Bocas, Honduras invited me into their yard. They had lovely flowers and a red pear tree!