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Saturday, January 27, 2007

God blessed us with a BEAUTIFUL Day!

Jan 2007 258
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Today was a perfect day for the Inclining Experiment! What a Beautiful Day! The wind was calm until later in the afternoon and then it started to pick up nearing the end of the day. The water was calm and so peaceful! We anxiously await the results of the day and expect good news!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jan and Elizabeth are back!

Jan 2007 063
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We went to the port across the river to welcome home Jan and Elizabeth! It is sooooo good to see them and have them with us now! They came by ferry from the Netherlands so they could bring their car!

Baby Isabella is Adorable!

Jan 2007 060
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Packed in the back was little Isabella! She was so tucked in we couldn't get her out until we all arrived at the house! She was quite happy for the ride!

We're ready to welcome Jan and Elizabeth!

Jan 2007 052
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Tatyana, Alberta and I waiting for Jan and Elizabeth to come off the ferry!

The welcoming committee

Jan 2007 054
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As we were waiting for Jan and Elizabeth...all the others coming off the ferry were waiving to us we decided we were the welcoming committee to welcome them to England! However...none of us are from England! Alberta from California, Rodrigo from Brazil, Buck "Santa" from New Mexico, Tatyana from Brazil and me, Denise!