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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Please pray for Elizabeth, Jan and baby, Grace

From Tim Tretheway - 8.55 UK time:

Just received another call from the family with quite a bit of information:

Elizabeth, who is in a hospital in Rotterdam, Netherlands, has been awake briefly earlier today and could speak with her husband Jan and she did see the baby. This was before surgery #3. "she is at peace with the situation"

Her condition deteriorated this evening and they performed a fourth surgery which just ended. She has come through again, but is now on full lifesupport. They expect to keep her on full life support through the night, hoping for improvement.

The doctors feel the surgery was a success this time, finding what they believe was the major source of the bleeding and apparently sealing this off. They also believe they have identified the condition: HELLP Syndrome, which is associated with the pre-eclampsia and is extremely serious. The baby is doing fine, and has even been removed from the incubator.

If all remains stable, we probably won't hear anything new now for a number of hours, probably after noon UK time tomorrow.

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