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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Update on Elizabeth- Please continue to pray!

Additional news from Jan at 1500 UK time

Elizabeth is now breathing on her own and has occasionally been conscious. However, the doctors are now concerned about how she is reacting to questions and actions, and that there could be other problems notnecessarily due to the medications. Therefore, at the time of this message they are beginning some brain scans to look for possible damage.

No furtherinformation about this is expected before 1900 tonight, and I may not heardetails until tomorrow. Jan was able to talk with Elizabeth for about 30 minutes today, but the interaction was not very good due to Elizabeth's disorientation and the concerns mentioned above.

Jan is officially recording the birth of his daughter, as required by Dutchlaw, personally this afternoon. Baby Isabella is doing very well, and is not in an incubator and is not receiving any medications or other extraordinary care. She is "BEAUTIFUL!"according to Jan. Prayer for Elizabeth is clearly still needed. Thank you for continuing to support the Tuiniers in prayer.

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