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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Story behind the Sterilizers - State of the Art Technology!

Among the medical supplies onboard are a number of 3M ETS (Electronic Test System) units that have been donated by 3M New Zealand which test sterilisation chambers are working correctly.

As well as donating the units, Sarah Green from 3M New Zealand in Auckland also arranged for the volunteers to receive special training, courtesy of her Loughborough-based colleague Dr. Brian Kirk, here in the UK.

“ETS has a highly accurate measurement system designed to detect potential faults in a sterilisation chamber. Among its many benefits is that the data is downloadable to a computer and can be sent electronically for further analysis. Kylie (Africa Mercy Operating Room Supervisor) never needs to worry about doing the tests all on her own, even when she is off the coast of Africa, because if there is anything she is unsure about then she can e-mail the data to me for a second opinion.” Click here for more of the story.

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