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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Power of God and Prayer! PRAISE THE LORD!

If you have been praying and following this miracle for the last few days as it has been unfolding .. read on! If not, you may want to begin at the beginning which is down below on the blog...go to July 11th and read up the page. This is a testimony to God's Awesome Power and the hope we have in Him! God is a miracle worker and healer!!! Praise You, Praise You, Oh Lord!!!

Tim just forwarded this letter and the pictures from Jan!

Hello everybody,

I dont know how to call you guys: brothers, sisters, friends, family.....Words cannot describe my heart... God knows all things!

Since yesterday afternoon the tide really has start to turn and this is ONLY by the GRACE and MERCY of GOD. God has honored all the prayers around the world. I have read messages from people I dont even know, but who had similar experiences and the power of prayer was there!

I am very pleased to be able to write you that Elizabeth is back to the Pregnancy Ward of the hospital, in the High Care Unit, but she is doing much better. Isabella and Elizabeth
The wounds are still closed in her belly, and her blood pressure is normal and since yesterday morning she is back to breathing on her own. Also her mind and brain starts to work more properly as she starts to react in a way that we all know her. And that just makes me sooooo happy and blessed...

I cannot tell you what I feel...The last 4 days seem like 4 months. Last night we had Isabella brought to Elizabeth's bed and for 45 minutes Isabella enjoyed the touch of her little beautiful face which is a copy of Elizabeth, touching Elizabeth's face. It was quite emotional for Elizabeth as she was shaking and trying to hold the bottle of milk, but it gave her such a boost of energy and the will to get better! She said: I need to gain strength so I can get out of bed and sit on a chair because then I can squeeze my little Isabella in my arms!!!! I believe this was the best medicine!!!

The doctors want Elizabeth to start using her muscles again so she can look forward in one of these days to sit in bed! This morning I am going to bath Isabella for the first time!! I have got so many lovely encouraging emails, phone calls and cards etc that I cannot answer all of them personally..... at least not yet!

Jan, Elizabeth and Isabella

Tears come up as I read those encouraging words... You guys are wonderful! What a power we have in the name of Jesus!!! HIS name will be glorified through this situation.I will attach some pictures to this email and hope you can open them! May God bless each one of you as you have been and still are such a blessing to us!

With love,
Jan Tuinier

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