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Thursday, July 13, 2006

PRAISE THE LORD and Please continue to PRAY!

The following information directly from Jan today.

The brain scans done yesterday afternoon have shown NO DAMAGE. The doctors are still cautious however and recovery may be very slow and/or not complete.

The bleeding has been stopped now and the drains are functioning properly.

Elizabeth's blood pressure remains high but controlled and medical staff are satisfied with their ability to control this.

Jan has been warned that it may take some time for recovery to take place, and that the danger is not yet fully past. But Jan is sure they have seen the worst now.

Please continue to pray for continued stability of her blood pressure and healing internally. Please pray for improved clarity and function of thought and memory. The situation now seems largely under control, but now it is time for improvement.

Rejoice in the answered prayers to this point.

Jan got a few hours of much need rest last night.

Jan thanks EVERYONE for the kind messages he has been receiving. He is trying to read them all, but has little time at home to do so just yet.

Jan wants everyone to know that they acknowledge that the prayers and intercessions have been the key part in this struggle and are deeply grateful. They know it is a miracle from God that Isabella is here and healthy, and that the Lord has been the One to sustain Elizabeth and guide the medical staff in their work.

We can rejoice that things are better today, and let us not ease up in our prayer support.

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