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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We agree with Esther that the Anastasis crew has begun a good work in Ghana! We look forward to seeing the before and after pictures from this field service!

We have many crew here on the Africa Mercy that are from Ghana (including Joe and Agnes Biney). They have been dreaming of the day to sail into their country on the Africa Mercy and service those in need in their own country! They long to see the healing and changed lives and be there for the people...


Just as Daniel Walls (9 years old) goes down to the ward for 30 minutes each day to visit his friend, who is recovering from the removal of a tumor on the side of his head. Most of the field service will be completed now before we are able to sail in. Please pray for our Ghanaian crew members, it is hard on all of us, but extremely hard for them as we work here and wait to sail.

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