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Monday, August 07, 2006

A Floating Miracle for Bawa

To read about the miracle for Bawa, click on the Title Link above. This will bring up a slideshow of the pages. Double click on the pages and then click on the link to open the photo in a new window. Click on all sizes and the page will open large enough for you to read it. The story is worth give it a try! Esther Biney on the Anastasis wrote the story and it is in it's original form. Some of the pictures are a bit graphic...just so you are aware.

Bawa lived with tumors called Keloids (Scar Tissue that has continued to grow) for ten years. His wife left him and people rejected him. His life was changed with a surgery that removed 8 pounds of Keloid tissue and the love of Christ shown to him by the crew of the Anastasis as he recovered from surgery. To God be the Glory for His mighty work and grace!

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