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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Update on Caribbean Mercy January 10, 2005

Currently, the Caribbean Mercy still is anchored at the port of Cozumel, Mexico. Some repairs have been completed but additional work is needed. Therefore, we are in the process of dispatching a tug to escort the ship from Mexico up to Mobile, Alabama. Currently, 50 crew are housed ashore at hotels.

To lessen the sailing crew, some of the families will fly to Mercy Ships IOC in Texas to be housed until the ship reaches Mobile. These families could be here on Wednesday, January 12. The ship could be underway Saturday morning with an estimated transit time to Mobile of four days. Thank you for your prayers.

Best Regards,

Steve Koinis
Chief Executive Officer
Mercy Ships International

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Water said...

Greetings Millers...

I love your Blog... I just got into Blogging last month and have found it a great way to communicate easily and currently with our friends, family and supporters. I also like how you update the location of the ship with screen shots from the ship locator. l8r... I've got a meeting

PS Happy you guys made into port this morning!