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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Caribbean Mercy Situation

The Caribbean Mercy was adrift due to engine problems, but is now under way at approximately 2 ½ knots, making way for Cozumel, Mexico. Her estimated time of arrival at the current rate of speed is approximately late evening tomorrow -- Wednesday, January 6th. It is unknown at this time if a fouled propeller or else the engine’s turbo-charger is the cause of the engine problems. The weather conditions at this time prohibit a diver from checking on the propeller. Current plans call for the Mercy Ship to continue underway at this reduced speed to Cozumel as long as she continues to hold out but contingency plans are being made in the event she will need assistance. Please keep this situation in your prayers and we will send out an update periodically as to the ongoing status. Thank you.

Don Stephens
Mercy Ships

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