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Sunday, January 16, 2005

January 16, 2005 update

Update : 12:23 pm (Jan 16th) We are still under our own power and sailing about 8.5 knots. The seas have just once again picked up to about 8-12 foot and the ship is sailing quite smoothly! We got some pictures of the tug, battling the waves! Most everyone is up for lunch and feeling fairly well. God is very Good!
We are once again sailing and heading towards Mobile, AL. We left Cozumel under our own power... however, the engine is once again having problems and we are praying to get to the North end of the island to anchor out and wait for the tug, Kirsten Grace, that is coming from Mobile to escort us to Mobile! We arrived at anchor in Cozumel Harbor about 9:00 pm. on January 6th .... we were there almost eight days until about 3:00 today.

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