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Saturday, January 01, 2005

In the evening, the weather changed as a huge thunderstorm rolled in! It began raining so hard that the scupper drains on A deck clogged and the next thing we knew was there was standing water on A deck. About 4 inches of it! So many Bailingpeople (including us) grabbed buckets, wastebaskets, etc. and began to bail the water! The deck and engineering crew scurried around and cleared the scupper's drain pipes. The engineers brought up a pump from the engine room to help pump out the water, too! We soon got the water under control (out of the ship) and then the drains could take care of it ... even though it continued to downpour the rest of the night! The rainy weather continued for several more days and just a couple days ago, cleared up just in time to load the cars on the bow of the ship.

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