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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Video Report of Water and Sanitation Team in Ghana

The Anastasis has just finished up an outreach in Ghana and arrived in Liberia. Colin and Heather Alderson came to the Africa Mercy Community Meeting to share with us the work they were involved with in Ghana since last March. They were a part of the advance team that arrived in Tema, Ghana prior to the ship coming in June. After their advance work was completed they stayed on to complete their one year service in Water and Sanitation (Colin) and in teaching women's micro-enterprise (Heather). Colin shared the video below with us about the water and sanitation projects.

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1 comment:

Shane Schaetzel said...

Great job! Keep up the good work! You know, we back here in the States take so many things for granted. Just the simple necessity of clean water is a luxury for so many people in the world. We had a tornado back here in southwest Missouri a few years back, and the damage was so bad it contaminated our water supply. We had a boil order for all water, but without working electricity or gas, that's a little hard to do. The tornado knocked those out too. So out came the BBQ and tea kettle for a few days, until we ran out of charcoal. Then we were completely dependent on the mercy of others, who brought water to us in plastic milk cartons. It's amazing how quickly my modern lifestyle eroded to third-world standards on just a matter of days. Fortunately for me, our power and gas was restored in about a week, and the boil water warning was lifted just a few days later. I was so relieved. I forget that people all over the world just live that way every day. It's such a blessing to see you all at work to make a difference in the world.

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