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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Laurence's Incredible Life Changing Procedure!

"For 18 years, five months and five days this piece of broken knife was hidden in my cheek." For many years Laurence describes how he had pain in his cheek. "It used to swell, on and off, all the time. Stinking water would come from my mouth, the taste was horrible. I attributed it to the stitches and the beatings."

(right: Picture of Laurence - Before)

In June 2006, Laurence heard about a floating hospital coming to Ghana. Believing he had dental problems, Mercy Ships gave Laurence an appointment to visit the mobile dental team.

Mercy Ships dentist, Keith Chapman continues the tale, describing his own initial frustration at not being able to find the root of Laurence’s pain. Gradually beginning to piece the information together, Keith performed additional x-rays. It was then that his suspicion of a foreign object was confirmed. It only took a local anaesthetic and a short half-hour procedure before the cause of irritation was laid visible to the naked eye.

Laurence relates, "Mercy Ships have done a great job. Should Mercy Ships not have come to Ghana what would have been my fate? I couldn’t have peace of mind or work. As I used to teach, offensive odor would come out of my mouth and I couldn’t touch a woman. It has been a very big problem for me. But now it is very, very fantastic. For the past 18 years this knife has been in my body, but now it has gone and I am praising God very, very much."
(left: picture of Laurence - after)

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