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Monday, April 14, 2008

Medical Screening in Liberia

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Medical Screening in Liberia
Rob and Denise Miller
Apr 14, 2008

Hello Friends and Family!

We will try to catch you up on what has been happening! Our last newsletter in February was just before screening here in Liberia. What a week it was! Screening went VERY well and we really enjoyed the day! Rob served in Security and left the ship at 4:30 am to drive the security team to SK Doe Stadium in Monrovia. Once on site they helped the people waiting in 3 lines to get into 2 lines to go through the entrance to the stadium. When they arrived on site there were already over 500 people waiting. The Liberian people are just incredible. No problems arose and everyone was calm as they learned that everyone would be seen for screening. Rob was stationed at the entrance gate into the stadium grounds and served there all day until about 5:30 pm. Here is a picture of Rob and the potential patients at the gate.


Denise served with the Children's Ministry Team and left the ship at 6:00 am.  We were inside the Stadium grounds by the chairs with the waiting potential patients once they were prescreened and allowed to enter the gate where Rob was.  We helped the patients with their children as they waited and also the patients that were children as their parent waited in line for them.  We colored with them, painted their faces, blew bubbles, made balloon animals, jump roped with them, sang and danced with them.  Basically, we just showed them love and care as they waited!  Basically..we played ALL day!   Oh...I was able to hold babies, too!   Here is a picture of me (Denise) holding Hope...he is a twin about 1 month old and his sister, Joy was held by one of the other children ministers. Their mom is a patient and a Pastor.  Two of her friends came to help with the babies.  The lady who was watching Hope shared him with me and we became friends as we talked and played with the children. 


It was such a blessing to be involved with the screening.  It was a very long and hot day, but we so enjoyed interacting with the Liberian people, showing them love and they were so lovely!  Many of them were disfigured with growths or broken bones, cleft palates or club feet.  They waited so patiently and when they were seen and given an appointment card...their faces just lit up so beautifully!    Rob told me afterward of a man named Hindrick.  This man needed help to get into the line and sit as he moved from the outside line to the line of chairs just outside the stadium.  The potential patients waited in these chairs prior to going inside and getting their screening tests and seeing the Doctors and Nurses.  We found out later that one of the photographers had taken a picture of Rob helping Hindrick to the chairs. 

Helping a man at screening

He was weak and not doing very well, as he had been waiting in line for a very long time.  Rob was glad to help him and after his screening was done...he came over to where Rob was at the gate and let him know that he had received an appointment for early May.   Rob said he was beaming and was not needing assistance as his spirits had been revived!   Hope was definitely in the air on screening day!   It was very exciting to be a part of bringing hope to these precious people! 

We'd like to share a prayer need with you...

Rob's brother, Ken, has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on February 22.  Many of you have been praying for him already and others don't know about this yet.  Thank you for all the prayers and please continue praying for Ken's complete healing.  Ken was unable to have surgery due to the fact that the cancer has spread to his liver.  Tomorrow, Ken and Kaye will drive to Temple, Texas to Scott and White Hospital to see if Ken can enter a Clinical Trial for this cancer.   Kaye (Ken's wife) writes:

Crystal and Renee' have been working lots of overtime on many things for their Dad.  This A.M. while I was in Church Renee' called Ken to tell him that he has a Dr. appointment on Tues. at Scott & White in Temple, TX.  This is a miracle because you don't just get to get in to these things at the drop of a hat.  God is at work.
Please PRAY that this is from God.  Please everyone PRAY that this will help him.  Also PRAY that this is what God wants us to do now. 
I am sorry that I haven't had time to write until now.  I hope to write again as soon as we get back from there, but I don't know if it will be on Tues. night, or sometime Wed.  We may have to stay overnight if we get to tired.
Please continue to pray for Ken as we search for help for him.
Love and prayers Kaye

Please pray for Ken and Kaye!  We appreciate all your prayers! 

May God bless you abundantly as you trust in Him!  Thank you for your support and love shown to us which helps fill us up and allows us to overflow and show God's love to the precious people of Liberia! 

God's blessings,

Denise and Rob

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