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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Prayer Requests and Praises

1. Praise!!! Denise was able to invite three of the five receptionists that she will be serving with to come join the Africa Mercy crew on the weekend of March 11th! Please pray for them as they prepare to join us. They are Helen, from Canada; Penny from South Africa; and Rachel from the UK! We will have a training class the first week they are here and then prepare to sail to London on April 3rd!

2. Financial Support - we are nearing...but not quite fully funded for our next season on the Africa Mercy! We have some financial needs to prepare for our cabin and jobs...uniforms, chair, TV, Linen, kettle, transformer (we need to replace the 110 voltage with 220 voltage UK). Please pray that God will supply our needs financially!

Praises - Thank you for the gifts while we were visiting the East Coast prior to coming over to England. We have paid for the flight over and are up to date with our crew fees for the ship, and rent for the last month in Texas. In January, we will still have some utilities and medical bills to pay.

3. Transportation - Please pray for Rob as he is driving a big mini bus here in England to transport some of the technical crew to and from work. The Land Rovers and a few other cars are available to sign out for short periods of time.

Praises: So far...driving has not been necessary for personal use and the Metro train and bus are convenient and easy to use. We are also getting good exercise walking to the grocery store, shops and church, just a brisk 5-10 minute walk from our flat.

4. Housing - Not yet on the ship. Please pray that all the crew will be able to move on the ship in April 2006, if not before! It is very expensive for the ministry to house crew in flats off the ship. So the crew has been limited to only those with technical positions ... to prepare and finish the ship.

Praises: We have picked our cabin...4423 and our fellow crewmembers are currently picking theirs, too! We are privileged to be here as a part of the predeployment crew. We are living in a lovely flat with the Transportation Manager, Andy. We know that the Lord wants us here in England and He has mightly provided for us here! Praise the Lord and give Him the Glory!5. God's guidance for the work we'll be doing in planning for the future ministry of the Africa Mercy and for our outreach in Ghana, West Africa in the spring!

Praises: The advance team to Ghana and the assessment team to Liberia (our next field assignment after 10 months in Ghana) leave in February! The tickets were purchased last week- January 26!

The Lord has given us our hearts desire to join the crew in England before sea trials! We have much yet to learn about serving with the Africa Mercy.....we will keep you updated with the news as it progresses.

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