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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Africa Mercy on Outreach (Drawing)

Africa Mercy large drawing, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

This is a conceptual drawing of the Africa Mercy in a West African Port. The Africa Mercy plans to be in Tema, Ghana in May 2006.

Greetings Crew,

Thought you might like to know the story behind the picture of the AFM. This picture was painted by a local artist for the A&P Shipyard. They regularly have this done for their 'big' customers, and once the ship is completed, they hand the picture over to the ship, keeping a copy on display in their Main Office. The artist was instructed to 'imagine' the ship in operation, which is why you see a developing nation background.

The handing over of this picture is something I have dreamed of since I was first made aware of it almost 3 years ago. That will truly be a day to celebrate!

Ken Berry
Executive Director
M/V Africa Mercy

The big day to celebrate is currently planned for March 31st, 2006! The A&P shipyard has placed a sign in the Reception area of the ship to encourage the shipyard workers and us!

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