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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Now several weeks later, many prayers later, her children are being cared for by her, she has repented of her sins and previous lifestyle. Her family has reunited with her. Mercy Ships CDS staff and crew have built her a new home, the crew has taken a collection of clothes, personal hygiene items, new furniture, a new propane stove to help equip her new home. They have taken new beds and made new curtains for the windows. The Lord has lifted her and her family up out of the pit of depression and damnation she had been in. She has connected with a local church and Pastor Nahum is looking after her and her family to ensure their continued pastoral care. We will be excited to visit them upon our return in September to share in the changed lives we will surely see. Praises be to God!!

You are a part of this, each of you, our prayer warriors and faithful supporters. Thank you for continuously interceding on behalf of us and on behalf of this ministry. We know the miracles we see and experiences we have, would not, could not, happen without continued fervent prayer. Thank you!!

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