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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Continuation of June Newsletter - June 27th

We got very busy getting things ready to sail and didn’t have time to finish the June newsletter until today. We sailed all day yesterday from Puerto Castilla, Honduras and arrived here in Cozumel, Mexico this morning. We are happy and blessed to have cleared our first port with the new security regulations! We will stay here until Friday, July 9th. The plan while we are here is to have all the crew get 3 days off (most of you will have a long weekend with 3 days off!) In order for all of our crew to get off we must rotate the shifts…so those of us who usually work during the week and are off (at least for the most part) on weekends… we fill in for the crew that doesn’t! This includes the deck and engineering crew which only some of the crew is trained to fill in! Also, the galley, housekeeping and dining room staff! Another part of the challenge is that we also have added duties as security patrol for a few days before we leave to sail from a foreign port. We (Rob and I) plan to get away from the ship overnight to the other side of the island, maybe tomorrow night! We’ll see! Basically, we are trying to get away from our duties for just a bit which seem to follow you 24/7 when you live and work on a ship!

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