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Monday, November 22, 2010

Painting the parsonage for a new pastor in Appelsbosch

Rob and Denise


Rob is looking on as Denise cleans the scraper (machete).  One of the local guys let me borrow a scraper….little did I know it would be a machete!  I should have known! 




Preparing for the paint


Denise is brushing off the dust after the sanding to prepare for the paint to come!








We really had a GREAT time preparing the parsonage for the new pastor to come.  He is supposed to arrive in February, so this is an ongoing project.  The Mercy Ship kids have begun to help weekly as a service project! 





Leah was able to stand on the ledge of the window to paint the upper part of the window.  We didn’t have the proper accessories for painting…such as a ladder! 

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