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Thursday, May 27, 2010

1st in a series of 5 short news clips on the Africa Mercy

This is the first of five in a series of short news clips (about 5 minutes) describing what the Africa Mercy was doing on our mission in Benin last year.  These clips come from iTV Tyne Tees in England near where the Africa Mercy was refit.  We lived in this area for about 1.5 years (from Nov 2005 until May 2007) while the ship was in shipyard prior to being operational.

In this clip there is a short ship tour and some everyday life in Benin shots.  Also, a shot of when the ship left Blyth and the townspeople there that welcomed us so much as we prepared the ship for service in Africa!  Watch closely, you can see Denise in a blue shirt walking down the passageway while they are talking about the ship shop.

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