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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two new Steam Kettles installed on the Africa Mercy

It is difficult to explain Rob's job on the Africa Mercy. The crew usually never see all the parts and equipment that Rob orders for the ship. This is due to the fact that most of it goes into the engine room or somewhere around the ship, so that the ship can continue to function properly. When the Procurement/Logistics team works seamlessly (which is how they prefer) the crew may not even be aware of anything being different. Sometimes it is not cost effective to replace parts and our team at the International Operations Center and at the office in the Netherlands work hard to support the ship in every thing they do! Some of the newest items received onboard have a definite impact on the crew morale...cause it has to do with FOOD!

Thank you to all the Procurement/Logistics Team and the company who provided a great discount on these wonderful additions to the Galley - New Steam Kettles!

Here is an article written by our Communications Team recently:

Every day onboard the Africa Mercy, a staff of twenty daily prepares nine hundred meals for crew and patients. Previously, the galley had only one operational steam kettle, which was difficult to use.

“We were working with only one operational steam kettle, which was old and often stopped working,” said galley manager, Jesse Mitchell.

Two new steam kettles, sold to Mercy Ships at a greatly discounted price, were recently installed in the Africa Mercy galley. The new steam kettles will allow the staff to prepare meals more efficiently.

“We use the steam kettles for many different things – including stews, pastas, and soups. They are really multi-purposeful. We are cooking for so many people on the ship, and we don’t have the space on the stove for pots. Instead, we can use the steam kettles. They are fast and make cooking much more convenient,” said Mitchell.

Currently in use, the steam kettles are making it easier for the galley staff to perform their jobs. “We really needed the steam kettles. Everyone is happy to have them,” said Mitchell.

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tyronebcookin said...

Its nice to know that the stuff I (and Peter) were pushing for is coming to past! Peter keeps me up to date from time to time and I was glad to hear of the wall being taken out, the freezing unit removed, new kettles put in...and various other stuff I was hoping to see in my time, but its great to see and know its getting done. It just makes it easier to make better food for the next chefs/cooks/galley managers/workers.