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Saturday, August 15, 2009

In the Stillness....There is Mercy

It’s in Benin. It’s dark. It’s quiet. It’s peaceful.
But in the stillness there’s a stirring.
It’s 4am. Yet thousands of people wait.
Sleepy eyes droop yet refuse to sleep.
Tired arms carrying babies slip but hold on tighter.
The old man’s limbs are weak. He refuses to rest...
He might loose his place in the queue.
It’s 7am. It’s apparent these people need help.
I see a face hidden behind a veil. I look closer… it is disfigured.
Behind the veil, there is fear, doubt and yet…
The more I look around; I realize the sea of faces are desperate.
Look closer. Look in their eyes and there is hope.
It’s a medical screening day.
Mercy Ships volunteers are here to use their skills to bring change to the lives of
thousands who have no access to medical help.
Here, people ostracized for years are hugged.
Children teased because of a deformity are kissed.
Incontinent women shunned by husbands have hope.
The day is buzzing with activity. People have waited for hours. Medical checks ups
with doctors from around the world. Appointment cards for surgery…More waiting.
In spite of the thousands and activity, there is a stillness. There’s peace. There’s hope.
For the first time in their lives...
The shunned are being shown mercy.
By Esther Biney / Benin 09

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