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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Morning

Good morning from Benin! A relaxing day with no particular plans, except Church on board tonight at 7:00.

Rob woke up and while taking his shower...he vacuum system! Here on the ship the sewage and all the drains go through the vacuum when it is not working the water doesn't drain. He got out of the shower and found that not only was the shower not draining...the water was coming up through the bathroom floor drain. So soon there was an inch of water all over the bathroom floor!

After a couple hours the system was again working - thanks to our wonderful engineering crew! Rob is now down cleaning the bathroom!

He set me up in the dining room (those of you who have been our usual place) with my computer to catch up on blogging, writing, answering, reading and surfing!

Bye for now!

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