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Saturday, May 17, 2008

2009 - Benin Bound!

Mercy Ships CEO, Sam Smith recently announced that our next field service will be to the Republic of Benin for 10 months beginning in February 2009.

Benin Map

Both Sierra Leone and Benin had been expecting a Field Service, but we can only visit one location and still comply with the programmatic needs of our Team for a 10 month field service. After a thorough analysis, it was determined that Benin offers the best opportunity for maximum success for our Africa Mercy 2009 Field Service. Thankfully, Sierra Leone will continue to receive hope and healing through New Steps and the Mercy Ships West Africa Fistulae Centre in Aberdeen.

Guinea has been selected for our 2010 Africa Mercy field service and we are analyzing other nations for 2011. We are well on our way toward our goal of a three-year deployment plan.

We will continue here in Liberia until December 2008 as we complete our 10 month field service.

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