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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Community Meeting at St. John's Church

This created a new type of dilemma for us at the Africa Mercy! The crew here had planned to sail down to Ghana, but as the crew of the Anastasis is mainly finishing up and had plans to go back to their homes….new ministries….and other positions within Mercy Ships…many of the crew here are needed on the Anastasis. Some of the crew members of the Anastasis were transferring to the Africa Mercy and they will stay on the Anastasis and serve as planned, other crew changed their plans and have extended for a time. Still…we have a need to staff two ships as the Africa Mercy becomes operational.
This means that most of the Africa Mercy crew (about 300+) waiting all over the world to join the ship in the UK to sail to Ghana are now needed in Ghana in June! In addition, a plan to move the crew here (about 50+ or half our crew here) to Liberia and Ghana was worked out. Some have left already for Liberia this month and another group of crew will leave going to Liberia to join the crew of the Anastasis to prepare for the upcoming field service in Ghana.

April 2006 075, originally uploaded by MercyWatch.

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