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Sunday, December 18, 2005

A blessing for us in the City of Newcastle!

December 2005 107
We went into Newcastle with some friends to see a Christmas program at their church on December 18th. The program was mostly Christmas songs, beautiful songs! After the program, we went into the Chinatown part (including a huge Tori Gate) and had Chinese food for dinner. It was very good! Then we walked through the town to go down to the river to see the Gateshead Millinneum Bridge which is lighted with blue light at night. And we had an added blessing...the city was celebrating the Winter Festival and we were there just at the right time to wait for the fireworks which began just about a half hour after we reached the river! It was great! You can check out the beautiful bridge and other pictures of the city by clicking on the Slideshow of the pictures of Newcastle, including the fireworks!

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