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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Preparing for Hurricane Rita

I must apologize to you for not updating the website and blog as often as I'd like to and I'm sure you'd like me to! I've been experiencing trouble with our laptop (it's over 3 years old now). I've had to restore the hard drive and in that process lost many emails and email addresses. Please send us your email address again to be sure that we have it. Also, the laptop will now sometimes turn on and other times is not able to.'s been a real challenge for me...those of you who know me well will really understand that!

Anyway... we wanted to let you know that we are fine and preparing for Hurricane Rita that at the last update is directly headed for us! Of course, we pray that it will only be a tropical storm or depression by the time it reaches us. We are quite a way inland (about 4 hours). In the update from this morning....we are located just about on the 7 am Sunday spot.

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