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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Update on what's been happening!

Where to begin ..... WOW ... the last month has been a whirlwind and we have been trying to keep up! Our May Newsletter (see the May 2005 to the left) basically left you about the time we had to leave the ship on June 6. Well, we left on June 4th and were in the first group to leave. The next group of crew left on June 6th. The Caribbean Mercy Caretakers are still on board and you can keep updated to the happenings on the ship by visiting this link:

They update it about daily and also put pictures on the site. We really appreciate their efforts to keep the site updated and visit it just about daily to see what is going on there!

Rob is working with the CBM Engineering Superindendant, Ciaran, on the plan to determine what repairs, maintenance and improvements need to be made to the ship before it is ready to sail once again! This is Rob's full time job while at the International Operations Center (IOC) here in Texas!

To let you know about what has been is a brief recap:
  • May 23-28 - Finished up work onboard the Caribbean Mercy, packed our offices and got the work areas in order for shipyard work.
  • May 28th-June 3rd - Packed up the cabin and got our personal items in order
  • June 4th - Arrived at the International Operations Center in the afternoon
  • June 5th - went to work to turn over the Caribbean Mercy records
  • June 6th & 7th - tried to veg out and tried to plan for the next week
  • June 8th - went to meetings and went out to dinner to celebrate our 32nd anniversary with our friends, Ruth and John (note: we went out for their 32nd anniversary with them in Leon, Nicaragua during our Crossroads Outreach in November 2002!)
  • June 9th - went to the International Operations Center Prayer meeting and then left for Rob's brother's (Ken's) home in Abilene for a visit. We had not seen Ken & Kaye, Connie (Rob's sister) & Billy for over a year (and then only for a few hours).
  • June 11th - Celebrated Ken's 50th birthday! (It's on the 12th...but we celebrated it by having a huge cookout with his friends)
  • June 9-18 - Relaxed and had time to spend the Lord - it was a good time...Ken had to work and Kaye went to Minnesota, but that allowed us to just have some time! We didn't realize how tired we were, but running on adrenaline for months at a not healthy! Rob was also able to get the Truimph running again - it had sat in Ken's yard for almost 3 years! We put some tires and a battery in it and it ran just fine!
  • June 18th - drove 5 hours back to Garden Valley!
more to come.....have to go to sleep now!

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