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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Last week saw the 'I Choose You' tour visit East Coast venues from Lodi, New Jersey to Central Florida. The two week trip included a touching 'tour' of the Mercy Ship, 'Carribean', which provides much needed medical services to third world countries (pictured). The 'ICU Reception' continues to be a special time with our friends and we look look forward to seeing many more of you in the days ahead! Remember, the latest concert listings, tour photos, and journal thoughts are just a click away!

From the Journal...
Mercy Ships March 21, 2005
Boy oh boy, what an eventful month- March madness for sure, but in a good way. We have actually been home for the last 8 days but before that we were back out on the ICU tour for 10 days. It was my favorite time so far. All the kids were with us, except Spence (he was in school). We experienced everything from snow storms in Virginia Beach, yes you heard me right, Virginia Beach, to roller coaster rides at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Florida. We also had an unusual opportunity to visit the “Caribbean Mercy ship” in Pensacola, Florida. Meeting some of the staff and having brunch was a great reminder of how important this ministry truly is… We were blown away with the servant hearts of each staff member. The words we were left with were from a family that has been apart of Mercy Ships for 15 years and had two kids that grew up on a ship… “We have learned so much, this experience has allowed us appreciate the little that is needed to live and the enormous satisfaction of serving and helping others.” WOW, what a message!!! Take a moment to pray for Mercy Ships please, they are a tremendous blessing to the world.

Many blessings, leigh

(Note from Denise---I was able to sit and share with Leigh at the brunch on board)

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