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Monday, June 28, 2004

As we write you today, the last surgeries for this outreach have been done, the various departments have tallied the statistics and the last boxes are being loaded into the cargo hold, and we prepare for sailing. Our destination is first to Cozumel, Mexico for a few days of rest and relaxation. Then we continue on to our next Port-of-Call Galveston, Texas. We are to be there for 29 days. During this time we will be gathering and loading humanitarian relief supplies to take to St. Marc, Haiti. Do you remember the previous newsletter earlier this year when we reported to you, how the demonic strongholds were being torn down? There was to be a celebration and recommitment of the nation to the devil and Voodoo worship at the site of the previous pact with the devil 200 years earlier. This was prayed against and in fact defeated. There has since been a Christian President installed and prayer in the Capital. What a victory! Now the nation is in need of relief from recent natural disasters that have left many without homes or any form of shelter. We are very blessed to serve in this capacity. We have already begun to see how God is working in preparation for us to take relief supplies to Haiti!

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