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Monday, May 24, 2004

We also have heard wonderful reports from Bob Brownlee, our Community Development Services Manager. He, Ken and Dave….. Along with Skip…..and Juha…….have been very active in going to some very remote villages to educate the people on some techniques for purifying water using clear plastic 2 liter bottles provided by Coca-Cola and some corrugated tin. In addition, we are providing seeds for Moringa trees that they may grow and some of the leaves which has already been processed into a powder. They are explaining the nutritional value of the tree's leaves along with how to use it. Their classes have been well attended, with over 700 persons already attending. Bob Brownlee has been very encouraged by the response he has received from a local Principal who wanted to have Bob come and provide this training to his teachers. Bob shared the material with the principal and offered to have him share the presentation with the teachers himself as Bob observed. Some of the pictures for this are also available on the website.

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