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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

While in Mobile, Alabama we were blessed and observed the Mercy of God when Cummins Corporation donated this Diesel Generator Set. This will replace our Emergency Generator. Our current emergency generator is the original one for our ship and is 52 years old! This new generator is approximately 4 times the power of the old generator. It is also one of the most reliable engines according to Blake Mile, our senior motorman and Blake is very familiar with Cummins engines being a former mechanic for Cummins Canada! This same engine is used in Canada by mining companies to provide electrical lighting (24 hours a day, everday) and they expect to get 10,000 hours from the generator! We will use this engine to provide emergency power for the it will probably last at least another 50 years or more! To purchase this generator would have cost approximately $25,000 or more! Praise God for His provisioning!

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