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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Hello From Dangriga, Belize

Hello Friends,

Many of you may be wondering what happened to the newsletter we receive from Rob and Denise monthly. Well this month has been a challenge. Not in that we haven't taken the time to prepare a newsletter, or have tried to send you one. We have done both. In reviewing the newsletter after it had been posted. We found (1) not all of you were included in the newsletter. Not because we didn't try and include you, but you just weren't. So we tried to post the information to you in separate emails. some could open the email some couldn't. (2) Also while reviewing the newsletter we discovered that three of the verses in the text we used were omitted. Our text was drawn from Ephesians 6:12-20. In the document we create offline and then merge into the newsletter this information was there. When we proofread the message prior to posting the verse was there. Isn't it interesting that the entire point of this newsletter is "Spiritual Warfare". Denise and I archived the newsletter after we went in and inserted and corrected the verses and still the archived copy when viewed today was incorrect. So would you please look at the archived message the one previous to this message in our Mercy Watch and ignore the scripture as written and read it from your own bible. We have never had this happen before, and trust you will join us and see that there is and important message that the word of God is displaying and the devil just doesn't want you to get it.

May you be blessed abundantly today as you seek to serve the Lord in all you do.

Rob and Denise

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