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Saturday, March 15, 2003

God is good

Hello Friends,

The month of March has held excitement for us, in many ways. We celebrated the birth of our granddaughter Kendall Taylor Miller; she was born March 2, 2003. Her proud parents are Jason and Jill Miller. Denise and I were not able to be with Jason and Jill when Kendall was born, but the Lord provided. Our long time friend of over twenty years Angie Hall was there. She provided comfort to Jason and Jill by having family with them during this special occasion. She was able to pray with them and reassure them of the love that God has for them, and that He was with them each step of the way. Angie blessed our entire family with her presence; she was able to take notes of all the details and even bought a news paper, so we could have that in Kendall’s baby book. Jason was very faithful in calling, family and friends to share the good news. He called us in the Dominican Republic and don’t you know there was rejoicing. Through the encouragement of friends and the financial blessings we have received, Denise was able to travel to Jacksonville, Florida to visit with Jason and Jill and Kendall. She arrived in Jacksonville Tuesday March 11, 2003 and will return to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic on Tuesday March 18, 2003.

When Denise arrived in Jacksonville, and contacted Jason and Jill she was advised of a prayer point for Kendall. Kendall had received two hearing test since birth and had failed both of them. On Wednesday March 12, 2003 Kendall had an appointment at 1000 with the doctor to have another hearing test. Denise relayed this information to Rob on the Caribbean Mercy that evening by email but it wasn’t received until Wednesday morning. Upon receiving the email requesting prayer, Rob went to Trevor Walker and inquired as to how the crew could be advised of the prayer need quickly. Trevor advised Rob to send an email through the ships intranet and ask for prayer. Trevor Walker is the CEO of the Caribbean Mercy, and prior to Rob leaving his office Trevor asked if he could offer prayer. Rob responded with a “Yes, please”. So in Trevor’s office, prayer was offered for Kendall’s hearing. A ship wide message was then broadcast requesting prayer for Kendall. Upon the ship the time was around 1100 to 1115 which would correspond to 1000 to 1015 in Jacksonville where Kendall was having her hearing test. The initial test failed and Jill’s heart sank, but the technician thought that he should try another time. Then the second test was conducted and Kendall passed with flying colors her hearing is A-OK. This message was relayed from Aunt Angie via email because Grandma Denise didn’t have access to email at the doctor’s office but she wanted to relay the praise report and the answered prayer.

Upon receiving the praise report on the ship Rob was able to send out another ship wide broadcast, thanking everyone for their prayers and praising God for His faithfulness in hearing and answering our prayers.

I highlighted to you Trevor Walker’s position as CEO of the Caribbean Mercy to emphasize one of the many blessings of life within the family of Mercy Ships. Trevor is a special man yes, but the ability to go to any person within Mercy Ships and have them pray for you is not unique. It is a privilege not taken lightly; we are co-laborers in this ministry. We are professional and technically competent individuals trusting and dependent on Jesus Christ for His guidance and purpose for our lives. In as much as we depend on each other just as in any good family, we depend on you our friends, our prayer partners, our soul mates. Thank you for your continued prayers, letters of encouragement, and willingness to share your lives with us.

Our prayer for you is; that your life will be as wonderful as it was in the mind of God the day He made you.


Rob and Denise

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